Stain Protection

Carpet and upholstery stain protection treatments in Wirral

Whether you have had or are thinking of having us professionally deep clean your carpets or upholstery or have just had a brand new carpet or suite installed into your home, now is the perfect time to have a stain protection treatment applied to protect against common spots and spills.

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What is carpet and upholstery stain protection and how does it work?

Professional, fluorocarbon stain protection treatments such as Scotchgard and Stainshield Pro work by forming a durable microscopic barrier around each fibre to lock out dirt, grime, water and oil-based liquids. Spills on your furnishings will immediately bead up and can be blotted away without a trace.

Although stain protection treatments are not completely impenetrable, they will give you an extended window of time to try and blot up a spill.

Do I really need stain protection?

Regardless of whether your carpets or upholstery are newly installed or freshly cleaned, inevitably once family life resumes you will encounter those common oops moments when you accidentally knock over that cup of tea, coffee or glass of wine or the kids flip their plates leaving gravy or baked bean juice all over your furnishings.

Unfortunately, if left to dwell for too long those spills could become permanent stains that no amount of professional cleaning can remove. Stain protection will extend the window of time you have to treat the spill.

Blotting up a red wine spill on a carpet.

Will stain protection fight against every spill?

By their very nature, every spill is different and have their own unique characteristics. They can even vary based on temperature. A piping hot cup of tea, straight from the pot for instance, if spilt can instantly heat set to the fibres making it very difficult to remove. However, generally speaking as long as you tend to a spillage promptly and correctly stain protection typically has an 85% success rate.

Benefits of Fluorocarbon Stain Protection

  • Environmentally safe, non-toxic and family and pet safe
  • Protects from food and drink accidents
  • Won’t change the feel, colour or breathability of your fabrics
  • Extends the lifespan of your carpets and soft furnishings
  • Prevents dirt, dust and grime from becoming ground-in
  • Makes clean-up faster and easier
  • Repels oil, water and dirt
Scothgard stain protection logo.
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